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North County Bluegrass and Folk Club


We took over management of the NCBFC in order to help the board members have better access to their site data.

Frequently small businesses and clubs hire a single person to do a website for them and are then stuck relying on that person to update the site. If that person is no longer reliable or available, they may have to hire a new person to take over or completely redo the site.

For NCBFC it was important that some critical data be changed in a timely manner. Allowing several members to have accounts and site access made it possible for anyone with the proper permissions to make those changes.

It was also important for this club to have a site that enhanced but did not compete with its member newsletter. Having information in several places is often confusing and hard to sync up, so we worked with the board members to establish the website as a static source of information that would lead people to other club functions such as meetings, special events, and the newsletter, where they could find more up-to-the-minute information.

We also worked to establish the website as a separate and unique source of information that would be better displayed in the internet, such as searches for bands, festivals, and links to other websites, maps, and directions to events.

The addition of a changing banner image and photo albums gave the club a place to display and store significant photos that might take up too much space in a regular newsletter.

The final critical feature was the ability to register and pay for a club membership online via PayPal. Automatic emails notify board members of new registration and payments.